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Family Law & Divorce



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Caring for the Legal Needs of Individuals & Families

Family law involves many issues including marital separation, child custody and visitation, spousal support, distribution of assets, domestic violence, name changes, and adoption.  These issues are complex and important rights are at stake.  For this reason, it is important to have an attorney who is experienced and able to provide godly advice.  


Based upon biblical teaching, we have a high respect for marriage.  Nevertheless, we recognize that marriages break up and numerous family issues exist.  In all of these issues, it is important to have an attorney who understands your perspective and will represent you in a way that honors God.  We understand these beliefs and work with you.  We deal with spiritual, emotional and legal needs. 


There are other areas of domestic law, such as name changes and adoptions. These are generally happy situations and we are able to assist you in these areas.  



10:00 am


Helping You Plan and Be Prepared

Death is not a subject that most people want to think about. However, people need to prepare for their death. The worse thing that a person can do is to die without being prepared. Preparation for death has two components.


First, you need to consider what will happen to you after you die. Everyone has sinned, which is doing things that God does not want you to do. Because of your sin, you have earned death, which is eternity in hell separated from God. However, God loves you and has provided a way for you to escape this death penalty. You can spend eternity in heaven with God. In order to prepare for your death, you need to be sure that you will spend eternity in heaven. You can obtain more information about receiving eternal life in heaven by clicking this link or by calling us.


Second, you need to make arrangements for your affairs on earth. You need to make a plan for the distribution of your assets after your death. Often estate taxes can be decreased if there is an adequate Will or Trust. If you have minor children, you need to ensure that they are properly raised and cared for. Our office can assist you in these preparations and can devise an estate plan and draft the necessary Will or Trust to implement your plan.


For your personal estate plan, you can call our office and discuss your needs. After we determine your needs, we will inform you of the fee. If you decide not to have us draft your Will or Trust, then there is no fee for discussing your estate plan needs with us.



11:30 am


Providing What You Need Legally for Business Start-Up

There are on-line outfits and others that claim you can save money to “do it yourself” instead of seeking the advice of a lawyer for the legal issues in your business.  On rare instances, that may be true, subject to your own knowledge and experience.  However, most people who “do it yourself” are left with more questions than answers and are likely to make mistakes.  Many end up seeking legal advice even after paying someone in an effort to avoid paying an attorney.


Our office stands ready to assist you in starting and operating your business.  When you consider your time and expense, the most efficient and effective way to start your business is with our assistance. With our help, you will spend far less time and money than if you “do it yourself”.  Our role is not just to file papers.  Our role role is to provide competent advice, counsel, and direction so that you can spend your time running your business more successfully.

Once you are started, we assist in operating your business. We help with leases, contracts, employment issues, and any other legal needs of your business.  If your business gets involved in litigation, we can pursue your claim in court or defend your business.  In addition, we connect our clients to other valuable resources such as accountants, bookkeepers, insurance agents, and networking groups.



11:30 am


Helping You Choose the Best Solution

We believe that the ideal course of action to manage your financial affairs is to spend less than your income and to honor your debts and obligations.  At the same time, there are instances when the financial pressures may become too great to bear, such as unexpected circumstances, aggressive creditors, or simply mismanagement.  In these instances, there is a legal and ethical way to obtain protection from your creditors and we stand ready to counsel, advise, and assist you in making the wisest decision to address your financial situation.



11:30 am


Resolving Conflicts Honestly

Conflicts occur. They are a part of life.  Unfortunately, many conflicts cannot be resolved without outside assistance.  A common way of resolving disputes is through the legal system by filing a complaint and, perhaps, a trial.  However, this is not usually the best way to resolve a conflict.  There are other ways to handle a dispute, of which mediation and arbitration are common methods.  If you are involved in a mediation or arbitration, we can represent you in resolving your conflict.  If you have conflict and want to resolve it without using the court system, we can serve as a mediator or an arbitrator.  


In a mediation, we will work with the parties and assist them in finding a mutually agreeable resolution. Mediation is beneficial because the parties are in control and their relationship can be preserved.

In arbitration, we can serve as an arbitrator. The parties present their conflict and the arbitrator makes a ruling, similar to a judge, that will settle the dispute. Arbitration is beneficial because it resolves the dispute without relying on the court system, is usually faster and less expensive than the court system. 

If you are involved in a dispute and want to settle it without using the court system, call us! We will discuss the matter and explain your alternatives. In such situations, it is important to have an attorney who cares about the parties, works hard to preserve and repair the relationships, and who tries to achieve a just result.



11:30 am


Guidance and Assistance for Executors & Administrators

After a person dies, someone needs to administrate the estate. If the person had a Will, then the Executor will administrate the estate. If the person did not have a will, then the court will appoint an Administrator, with added requirements such as the purchase of a bond to insure the estate against mismanagement. Often the Executor or Administrator does not know what to do. At this point, an attorney can be helpful.  


Our office is equipped to guide you through the administration process.  We can assist you in gathering assets, selling assets, obtaining an employer’s identification number for the estate, distributing assets pursuant to the Will or laws of intestacy, and completing necessary tax forms.


If you are an Executor or and Administrator, and are unsure of what you need to do, call our office to discuss your needs. We can provide guidance to you and different levels of assistance, depending upon your needs and desires.



11:30 am


Representing You Aggressively with Excellence

Litigation and lawsuits can involve a variety of situations and issues. If you are involved in litigation, you should have an attorney. In retaining an attorney for litigation, you should have someone who meticulously prepares the case and carefully reviews the facts.  The attorney should make a good impression on the judge and jury, make persuasive statements and arguments, carefully question and cross-examination witnesses, and write legal briefs.

If you are involved in litigation, call us to discuss your case. We personally handle your litigation.  We meticulously prepare our cases, make good impressions, argue persuasively, carefully question and cross examine witnesses, and write persuasive legal briefs.

Some people hesitate to retain a Christian attorney for litigation because they are afraid that a Christian will not adequately represent them or fight for them.  Some people believe that only a non-Christian can aggressively represent a client.  This perception is wrong.  In reality, it is very important to hire a Christian attorney who will handle the case well.  Litigation is an adversarial process, which can cause tempers to flare and bring out the worse in people.  While you want a good litigator, you should also want someone who will represent you in a way that honors God.  The best attorney will use the facts and law to convince a judge or jury that your position is correct.  Litigation by intimidation is not the best way to win a case.  We aggressively litigate cases while honoring God.



11:30 am


Assisting You in Your Real Estate Transaction

For many people, the largest transaction that they will ever make is buying or selling a house or other property. A prudent person will consult with an attorney when buying or selling a house. If a realtor is involved, they will usually draft the contracts and perform most of the work involved in completing the transaction. In performing these services, the realtor actually provides legal advice and your legal rights are affected. For these reasons, an attorney should be consulted in order to oversee the work of the realtor. The attorney can provide proper legal advice and explain how your legal rights are affected. In addition, they attorney may be able to avoid disputes or resolve them if they arise. Many people, with the assistance of a realtor, complete the sale or purchase of a house without an attorney and do not have any problems. However, if they are working without an attorney and a problem arises, it may be too late for the attorney to help. On the other hand, if the attorney was involved from the beginning, then the problem may have been avoided or resolved in a better way.

Some real estate transactions occur without a realtor. In these cases, an attorney is even more helpful. He can draft a Contract on your behalf and be involved in the completion of the sale. When a realtor is not involved, the attorney will normally perform additional work in order to complete the sale.


If you are buying or selling real estate, you can call the Law Offices of Schroll & Bowman or contact us to discuss your matter. They can provide the amount of legal service that you need and can draft contracts, deeds, affidavits, mortgages and other documents. They will review surveys, inspections and mortgage documents. Schroll & Bowman can help ensure that the sale is completed. If problems arise, he is there to assist in resolving them. Whether or not a realtor is involved, Schroll & Bowman can assist you in your real estate transaction.



11:30 am


Facing the Legal Issues of Aging Individuals with Sensitivity

New challenges arise as our parents age and as we age.  Sometimes these new challenges can be overwhelming.  Other times, the cost of not getting your affairs in order ahead of time can cause headaches and distress for those you leave behind.  Our office stands ready to assist you in drafting wills, powers of attorney, and living wills, tax planning, nursing home issues including placement and finding a means to pay for it.



11:30 am


Resolving Conflicts and Disputes

Occasionally, a dispute will develop between a landlord and a tenant. These disputes can involve a variety of issues such as the condition of the property, unpaid rent, or eviction. If you are a landlord or a tenant and are involved in a dispute, you can call our office. We will review your situation and discuss your options. If necessary, you may retain us to represent you in your dispute.



11:30 am


Resolving Matters with Diligence

Municipal Courts handle a variety of legal matters such as traffic tickets and minor criminal violations such as disturbing the peace or simple assault. Since these matters are fairly minor, many people handle them without an attorney. However, these matters can have significant consequences and fines. Therefore, many people retain an attorney to represent them in Municipal Court.

If you have a Municipal Court matter, you can call our office and discuss your matter with one of us.   We will review options with you and help you decide whether you want to retain an attorney. If you retain us, we commit to diligently represent you in Municipal Court and work to resolve the matter in a manner that is acceptable with you.



11:30 am


Providing What You Need for Your Non-Profit Endeavor

Creating and operating a non-profit institution can be similar to operating a small business; however, non-profit institutions have some special legal needs. The Law Office of Schroll & Bowman is able to assist in creating a non-profit institution, obtaining tax-exempt status, getting an Employer’s Identification Number, reviewing and drafting contracts and leases, and handling employees.

In addition, both Bryan and Robert have a special heart for religious non-profit institutions. If you are creating or operating a non-profit institution, you can call our office or contact us  for assistance with your legal needs.



11:30 am


Evaluating Options That Are in Your Best Interest

We understand that no one likes to have criminal charges pressed against them.   However, when you find yourself in that situation, it is important to realize that important rights are at stake and the penalties can be severe.  For these reasons, it is important to have good legal representation.  

If you are facing criminal charges, you can call our office to discuss your matter and we stand ready to help you evaluate your options. If we are unable to assist you, we will endeavor to will assist you in finding the appropriate legal representation.

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